Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebration of the Feast of St. Augustine 2009

St. Augustine's Feast Day was celebrated first time in 3 consecutive days in cooperation with the other organizations of the subdivision and the different schools as well with the support of our friends: Gen. Banjo Caringal for the wonderful lights and sounds and the prizes for the singing and dancing contests; Former Mayor, Nila
Aguillo for the "Palaro" prizes and the sponsorship of the very first baptismal rights for 80 children, bro. Greg Barron for the other prizes as well and Coun. Wanda Alimagno who is always there to support the activities of the Lakeside Nest Community
Chapel Group... Thanks to you all!!!


Friday, February 6, 2009

The Short History of Our Catholic Community

Hi, FRIENDS!!! At last, I have finished the short documentary that I have always wanted to have here in my blog for our small chapel and group... I was able to finish this after Bishop Leo Drona came to visit and bless our chapel... We hope that you like this... Also, please include us in your prayers that we would always serve for GOD and to GOD for others and that we would not tire of doing so... Also, please pray that those people who continually help us to fund continually build our chapel would always be blessed... On the year 2004, a small group was created... members were from different walks of life, from different regions and different statures but only one goal in be able to join together with the neighborhood to strive to make our personal relationship to the Lord deepen everyday in our lives... And here how the story of LNCCCG started... Thanks!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


September 11, 2008, was a very, very, very special and blessed day for us coordinators of Lakeside Nest Catholic Community Chapel Group (LNCCCG) and the residents, regular mass attendees and supporters of our community in Lakeside Nest Subdivision. BISHOP LEO DRONA, S.B.D., the Bishop of the Diocese of San Pablo, visited and blessed our chapel. We were so excited, happy, honored, privileged and humbled on his visit. Among the other chapels and mini pastoral groups from the different towns being under St. Francis of Assisi Parish of Pulo, Cabuyao, Laguna’s guidance, Thanks to FR. WILLIAM BUSTAMANTE, our Parish Priest who suggested the Bishop to see us, ours was one of those four (4) chapels visited. We were so THANKFUL since the chapel went to show that it is really and already verified as a sacred place which goes to show that Fr. William is also happy on the activities we are doing and have done over the years to make the people come closer to the Lord Jesus and also help the youth come to service for GOD. Actually, our small community is only about going on it’s 4th year so we are really still young that’s why we were so privileged and humbled for the Bishop’s visit...

We didn’t have a fancy banner or streamer since we lacked time for preparation and we were so worried that we won’t have anything to show that we were so happy. We only made welcome messages in Tagalog, English, Visayan and Bicolano written on white poster paper which the Bishop saw and appreciated too. When he arrived, all were so excited and happy to see them. When the Bishop started the prayer before the short conference with him, I myself had goose bumps and I knew that he brought the Holy Spirit with him. When the Bishop started to ask questions about the activities of the small community we have in the subdivision and gave him a short story how the community and the Holy Mass celebration came about, my tears started to fall and I was shaking with excitement and happiness. I didn’t know that the people too were crying according to my co-coordinators that I wasn’t able to see but it only means that the people were also touched by this blessed occasion.

Our community thinks and says that that special day was a big “reward” for all of us from the past years and we didn’t expect that this early, we would be given that opportunity. The Bishop’s visit would always be a part of our lives and a part of the history of the chapel. We just wish that someday, the Bishop would come back to bless us all again and our chapel… THANK YOU SO MUCH once again, BISHOP LEO DRONA!!!


Monday, September 22, 2008

“Looking at Who We Are and Who JESUS is in our lives?”

Last August 1 and 2, 2008, our community’s Youth Group held a short retreat as per instructions of our Parish Priest’s Mother Church (St. Francis of Assisi, Brgy. Pulo, Cabuyao, Laguna) to bring back the excitement of the children in their service to GOD… And these were the chosen themes and topics discussed at the said occasion. It was assigned to our Youth Leader and had only 3 weeks to prepare… Being her mother, I saw how she had the hard time doing everything since she doesn’t have anyone to do the task with and ask how to go about the said retreat. It was full of pressure for her as the days go by. It’s a good thing she had a few experiences from her “Lakbayan” days and some of her Leadership Training Seminars she attended before. Whenever she comes from school, she’ll go directly to the computer to attend to the needed paper works, handouts, topics and activities to be done and discussed for the retreat. We had fights and discussions on topics I wanted her to edit but she wanted to follow what was indicated on her book which she had where she followed the steps from… On the first day which was started night of Aug. 1st, it was raining very hard because of a typhoon. The children thought it wouldn’t push through because it wasn’t really showing a nice weather since morning and even Joybelle was asking me, “Mama, are we still going to continue on with the retreat?” I told her of course since it was only a test if we are going to give up what was already planned since the said activity is a very important event especially we are going to bring the children closer to GOD and they will establish a deeper faith and relationship with the Lord Jesus. And all through out the activity, we were blessed with the Holy Spirit since the 10 attendees listened and followed every step of the way and they participated with humility, openness and honesty since they knew they were doing it for the Lord since they also wanted the Lord Jesus to touch, and speak to them. After the activity started the weather became normal and before the evening ended at midnight, we had 2 special guests who visited the children: Bro. Greg and Fr. Ding Camus. Fr. Ding came from his absence since he was away from the country for a few months and surprised the children because of his presence. He was supposed to give a short talk but wasn’t able to but rather took pictures and videos of the said activity and only stayed for a short time since he was also very tired from his journey back to the country..
The following day, the children still continued on with their activity and on the climax of the said activity wherein the children had to crawl on the floor, to the ground and on the soil with small thorns to let them realize how blessed they are and how GOD loves them because of the sacrifices He did and gave for our forgiveness, they have realized and it did gave them that impact and according to the children, they wouldn’t forget that particular experience they did for them to understand…

Dearest Lord Jesus,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything… For every drop of Blood You have shed for your love to us to be the BEST example of LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, FORGIVENESS and HUMILTY… We THANK YOU with our whole heart. THANK YOU also for the families You have given us, for the life we have and the future since we know that you wouldn’t abandon us. May we too not learn to abandon You but rather think of ways how we can do small deeds every day since You have said: “Whatever we do to the least of Your brothers, we also have done it unto You”… Amen.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Someone texted a few lines to me a some weeks ago...I edited some of them though and I just wanted to share these lines since I know it can help our reflections for the day especially since Holy Week is nearing... I hope you can get something out of them like I did... And I also hope that you keep a copy of these things in your heart and your everyday life...

"No one was promised that life would always be fair. People are born imperfect; We make mistakes and we make bad decisions. You may have been hurt by others in the past or right now, but the important thing is how you choose to deal with those hurts and pains. Failing to let go of the past and holding on to those pain, those hurt, those grudges and that anger can only harm you and ruin you in your life and how you deal with others... Trials are the proof of how strong we are as a person and how we are loved by God.
There's no need for us to worry because we are 101% handcrafted by Him. Life is an undying cycle. It is a battle of survival. A battle of making the right choice of good and evil within us... If you quit, then you are a loser. If you fall, choose to stand up and go on. Stand up with God since He is always there. Not beside you but carrying you... If you keep on complaining about the miseries of your life, nothing will happen. God doesn’t throw stones that we can not catch. Live with Him and everything will turn out fine.
So for now, let’s pray to be like birds, leaving things we don’t need to carry – grudges, sadness, fear, pain, anger and regrets… Let us fly light… God’s given life to us is beautiful!!! Amen to that!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

a ShOrT mOmEnT WiTh ThE LiTTLe AnGeLs

Finally, the day of our outreach activity for this year’s CHRISTmas season came after waiting for almost 3 months!!! It was that morning of December 15, 2007, Saturday, and we were all very excited since we will be seeing the kids of LITTLE ANGELS HOME, INC. of Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines again. We prayed that this activity would once again be a success that it would touch the hearts and the "person" in each of us especially our Youth con Choir. We prayed that they would come to realize how special GOD's love for them made the difference from the children of the orphanages. We also prayed that they will realize that they are indeed lucky because they have homes, families, parents and love ones of their own who takes care of them, rears them and loves them... While introducing ourselves to the children and bringing the children to the room where other kids are at, some of us took pictures as part of our documentation of this activity. I myself was feeling alright then not until my co-coordinator showed me my brother-husband carrying a cute little boy who looked like him when he was still small. Then flashback of my “true being” came to me that made me cry. It gave that sense of reflection that I am truly lucky and loved by GOD since I myself was adopted by my mom (SHIRLEY GONZALES) and I THANK her from the bottom of my heart for her kindness that she made that deed… I remember before that while we were on the jeep, I asked the choir not to cry in front of the kids since it might hurt them in a way that they are being pitied on or it might confuse them in a way but that instance really made me cry. I suddenly remembered these things: 1) I am happy and proud that I was adopted by my mother and I grew up with a home and a family though it was not a perfect one; 2) That I was able to have a mother and father to call and a sister too! 3) If I had not been adopted, accepted and loved by my mother, I would have or could have also stayed in a home like LITTLE ANGELS HOME, INC. or worse, I could have been also looking for food out of trash like the street children just to satisfy hunger and I could have been selling drugs or even selling myself for sexual pleasure just to live and I would have not been able to study and graduate college; 3) And lastly, I am truly blessed and loved by GOD because although I only had one child because cysts and plenty of myoma grew in my uterus/cervics that it had to be operated on and be removed and luckily, I had one daughter who is normal and complete, adorable and that if I wasn’t adopted, I had not met my husband who gave me a simple and beautiful family… THANK YOU, GOD and THANKS FOR MY MOM, SHIRLEY...
By the way, we would like to THANK all who have supported this activity and our mass goers at LAKESIDE NEST CHAPEL and the staff of LITTLE ANGELS HOME, INC., most especially to Sor. Mary Pauline, HRC, for giving us the chance to be with your little angels… This was indeed another special CHRISTmas for all of us. We do hope to come back…

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

half day with the "lolas" of BAHAY NI MARIA (House of Mary)

It's that time of the season once again were everyone is excited to buy gifts for their loved ones and friends and for gift giving... It is also always the best time for reflection to help make us better persons as we go on with life... As our group reminisces our first outreach activity last year, before the said date of December 16, 2006, Saturday, we asked our regular mass attendees for ladies clothes that they could give to us as hand-me-downs for the “lolas” (grandmothers) of BAHAY NI MARIA(HOUSE OF MARY) in Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines. Our cooperative and supportive neighbors at Lakeside Nest Subdivision gave us a few boxes of clothes and food for us to bring there and we THANK the LORD JESUS for that special day since it was a successful occasion! We were able to achieve what we were hoping for... To be able to put smiles on the lolas’ lips even for a short while and for the children to realize that someday, they too will age and they too would need the love and presence of their family members to continue showing that smile while they still breathe here on Earth. They were able to reflect that it is not right to treat elders with no respect. They were able to learn too that whatever and however we have treated our parents and our parents’ parents, we would also be treated the same by our children and our children’s children.
With that special moment with the lolas, our group would like to THANK the peach nuns who have given these women a home and for taking care of them, most especially to sister Sarah who welcomed our group warmly and for allowing us to spend a few hours with the lolas… And to the lolas of BAHAY NI MARIA, THANK YOU FOR THAT SPECIAL CHRISTmas...